Camo Wedding Dresses

Camo Wedding Dresses offer brides a unique twist on the traditional wedding gown.

A bride might want to choose a camoflage wedding dress for a few different reasons.

Perhaps either she or the groom were in the military and want to reflect their military pride or they might be avid outdoor people and share a hunting passion.

camo wedding dresses

Whatever the reason, you do have a few choices in finding the perfect wedding dress for you.

You can have a full camoflage wedding dress or you can have mostly a traditional wedding dress but with some camoflage accents.

They can be elegant or informal, a-line, halter, whichever you choose, you will certainly be a one of a kind bride.

You might find that they are a little hard to find, but here are some sources to try:

One of my most favorite sources on the internet is Ebay...

You can also try some of the following online sources:

  • Camo Diva - not only carries camo dresses but also some really great camo wedding accessories and wedding gifts.

  • Simply Formal - carries full camo dresses or traditional white with camo accents.

  • A Touch of Camo - carries full camo dresses or tradition white with camo accents.

camo wedding dresses

If the dresses on those sites do not appeal to you, you can always design your own wedding dress and purchase the camo material to have it made for you.

Here are some good sources for finding camo material:

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