Engagement Stories

Engagement stories are fun and great to read and share. Why not share your story with us!

Did you get engaged at a special time of year...Christmas? Valentine's Day? A Birthday?

Was it inventive or very traditional? Did he get down on one knee and ask or did he pop the question to you another way?

Was it a total surprise or did you kind of expect it?

Did he get other people involved such as family members and friends to surprise you or did he go it alone?

Were you two alone when he asked the big question or were you in the middle of a shopping mall, etc.?

Were YOU the one who asked him to marry you?!

Tell everyone your story and post a picture of your ring!

Tell Us Your Engagement Story and Show Us Your Ring!

Do you have a great engagement story? Share it!

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Best friends Make the best marriage partners Not rated yet
The marriage of Jack Jensen Jr III to Diane Luksus had been one of the most romantic events of the 2009 season. The event had taken place in Las Vegas …

Magic Trick Not rated yet
We were having a New Year's Eve party. About 30 people or so. His friend does magic tricks so I didn't find it out of the ordinary when he decided …

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