Fountain Wedding Cakes

Fountain Wedding Cakes are beautiful, elegant and certainly ostentacious! Usually reserved for more larger cakes, you can certainly still use them with smaller wedding cakes as well.

When I was a little girl, I was entranced when we would go to our local bakery and they would have a fountain wedding cake on display.

It just seemed amazing and mezmerizing!

There are a whole lot of different ways to achieve the fountain look for your wedding cake...and they all don't need water (see the pictures further along!)

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure you sit down with your baker and let them know what you would like to do with your cake.

Mention that you want a fountain wedding cake, where you would like the fountain, any colorings added to the water, etc.

Your baker will likely ask you for the number of guests who will be attending your reception so that they can advise you as to how large a cake you should order.

You can also let your baker know if you want your cakes round, square, heart-shaped, etc.

Don't worry if you are planning to bake your own cake or have a friend or family member make it. Wedding cake fountains can be purchased online at my Wilton Wedding Cake Supply Store.

Fountains also have a way of creating movement, much in the same way as adding long grasses to bridal bouquets and other decorations will.

Here are some of the cakes I found on a great site called Cake Central.

Examples of Fountain Wedding Cakes:

fountain wedding cakes

A classic fountain cake along with stairs and pillars. Made with buttercream icing, this is usually what is envisioned with a fountain!

Cake and picture by majgregg

fountain wedding cakes

There are actually 11 different cakes here along with a beautiful lighted fountain.

Each cake is a different flavor and everything is buttercream except for the roses on the tops, between layers, and around the fountain, which are gumpaste brushed with luster dust.


Cake and picture by practiceandpatience

fountain wedding cakes

This is a very large buttercream cake! This had 6 - 8" cakes with an 18" cake on top, followed by 4 - 6" cakes supporting the fountain.

The water in the fountain was tinted to match the wedding colors, the ivy was silk. Another interesting thing about this cake is that the fountain was used as a topper!

Cake and picture by peterlori1

fountain wedding cakes

A lovely wedding cake with a fountain using stairs with cake topper in the middle and fountain below.

This cake was made using two 14" tiers and two 11" tiers all made with buttercream icing.

Cake and picture by karateka

fountain wedding cakes

A gorgeous example among fountain wedding cakes.

This beautiful, majestic cake is all buttercream with teal (wedding colours) buttercream roses.

Tall pillars accomodate the beautiful fountain at the bottom.

Cake and picture by Mencked

fountain wedding cakes

There are three center cakes with two 2-tier side cakes. All cakes are iced with a buttercream icing.

All the cakes and fillings were different...ranging from yellow cake with a lemon filling, white cake with strawberry filling and chocolate cake with a mocha/oreo filling.

The fresh flowers, bridesmaids (on stairway) and fountain all match the colors of the wedding decor.


Cake and picture by serenabon

fountain wedding cakes

A beautiful wedding cake with a fountain. Notice how the water was tinted to match the colors of the cake/wedding party.

Cake and picture by craftermom

fountain wedding cakes

I've included this cake just to show you that you do not have to physically have a fountain and running water to created the illusion of movement and flow.

Here, a fountain of beads is being used, but you can easily find cake jewellery or crystals to use instead.

Cake and picture by Melodee1980

fountain wedding cakes

A gorgeous wedding cake using a fountain topped with roses.

Simply beautiful!

Cake and picture by cakebam

fountain wedding cakes

A whimsical cake made with fondant, gumpaste/fondant mix for fountain, flowers and stone and piping gel and wires for water.

Another way to give the illusion of water and a fountain without physically having them!

Cake and picture by wickedreamer

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Special Invite:

I want your cakes! Show everybody your fountain cakes!

The Fountain cake design ideas and photos in this section have been submitted by readers like yourself.

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