Mexican Wedding Cakes

Mexican Wedding Cakes are a great to have at your Mexican themed or Fiesta themed wedding. They are also wonderful to pay homage to your Mexican heritage at your wedding.

If you have decided to go with a Mexican or Fiesta wedding cake, then there are certain things you should incorporate into it to make it a wonderful themed cake.

But, the first thing you should think of is if you want it as the main traditional cake on display for all of your guests to ooh and aah at, or if you would rather have a smaller, cuter cake as your "groom's cake".

If you do choose it as your main cake, you should first decide on how big it should be (depending on the size of your guest list) and what shape you would like it to be.

You have many choices as to shape such as a Square Wedding Cake, Heart Shaped Wedding Cake, Tiered Wedding Cake, Cupcake Wedding Cakes, Mini Wedding Cakes or something in between.

You also have to choose if you want to keep it an Elegant Wedding Cake or if you want to go casual/whimsical.

Even if you decide to go with a more traditional and elegant for your main wedding cake, you could always have a more fun and casual cake for your groom's cake or even at your bridal shower.

If you are choosing to go with a more elegant, traditional wedding cake, be sure to include bright colors of turquoise, blues, terracotta, yellows, greens, pinks, purples and reds.

Incorporating flowers in your cake, whether they be real or made of tissue paper will also add some elegance to your Mexican Wedding Cake.

And don't forget that some of the most beautiful tiles come from Mexico and are easily adaptable on a wedding cake!

Now, if you are going whimsical, casual or for a groom's cake, boy can you have fun (after all, it is a party!).

Use those same colors as mentioned above, but then add in iconic "Mexican" items such as sombreros, chilli peppers, margaritas, cacti, tacos, etc.

When you approach your professional baker, or a friend, just pass your vision on to him/her as to how you would like your wedding cake to look like.

Whether you want to go all out or just very softly incorporate some Mexican elements into your cake, it's your choice.

Here are some of the cakes I found on a great site called Cake Central.

Just click on the image and it will take you to the submission page so you can get all the details on how it was created.

Examples of Mexican Wedding Cakes:

mexican wedding cakes

This lovely two tiered cake was made with those brilliant colors mentioned above.

Some brightly colored flowers were also placed on the cake to add some flair. I just love the beautiful patterns airbrushed onto the cake.

mexican wedding cakes

This beautiful cake is made up of 8, 10 and 12 inch chocolate cakes with cream cheese icing.

I love how the details on the sides of the cake looks like beading.

Gumpaste tissue flowers in those bright colors just finish it off nicely.

mexican wedding cakes

A stunning, elegant, four tiered Mexican wedding cake.

Pastel peach colored with edible succulents and hand-cut fondant papel picado (traditionally made of tissue paper and used in Mexican celebrations).

mexican wedding cakes

A gorgeous four round tiered complete with bright flowers, ferns and an exotic bird.

The cute little bead fringe just finishes this fiesta themed cake.

mexican wedding cakes

This is a very different wedding cake.

The bride wanted to use the Mexican holiday "Day of the dead" as the theme.

The holiday honours those who have passed on- her father died before the wedding and it was her way of remembering him.

All the little figures are skeltons, but they are dressed as if they were living.

mexican wedding cakes

Now this cake is a great example of what you can offer your guests as a groom's cake.

This cute cake features cacti, sombreros, chili peppers, Tostitos along with Mexico's national colors.

mexican wedding cakes

This is another cute example of a groom's cake featuring cacti, sombrero and chili peppers made in gumpaste.

mexican wedding cakes

This is a gorgeous Mexican wedding cake based on Mexico's famous tile patterns.

The couple selected a tile pattern and then was recreated in fondant using their wedding colors of purple and lime green.

Very nice!

mexican wedding cakes

A very cute groom's cake!

All buttercream. White chocolate taco shell, with chocolate cake crumbles for meat, colored coconut for lettuce and cheese, and buttercream for the sour cream

mexican wedding cakes

This cake is just too cute! I just love the pepper plant on top!

It's dark chocolate cake with ancho and cayenne pepper bittersweet chocolate ganache filling on the bottom and butter cake with dulce de leche IMBC.

mexican wedding cakes

Another great idea for a groom's cake. Here is another great example for a Mexican wedding cake...a pinata!

Also check out:

for some more great examples of Mexican Wedding Cakes.

Special Invite:

I want your cakes! Show everybody your Mexican themed wedding cakes!

The Mexican cake design ideas and photos in this section have been submitted by readers like yourself.

If you would like to share your cake(s), Please Use the Form to Submit your Wedding Cake Pictures Here!

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