The Monster In Law Wedding Dress

You've just got to love the Monster In Law Wedding Dress. It is a beautiful, yet simple, in it's design.

Made of 100% silk in what looks like more ivory in color than white, it's designer Saeyoung Vu Couture is quickly becoming a designer to watch.

Her collections are designed to be classic, sophisticated, simple in silhouette, yet modern in design and most luxurious in feel. monster in law wedding dress

She has dressed many top celebrities, her dresses featured on TV programs, magazines, and most definitely in the 2005 movie "Monster In Law" featuring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.

Saeyoung’s collection can currently be found at her sophisticated boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Canada and U.K. You can also order online through her website

If you want to talk price...that depends on a few factors, mainly which material you choose and from which collection you choose.

monster in law wedding dress 2

For a Saeyoung Vu Classic you could expect to pay between $775-$1240, while a dress from the Couture Collection could set you back from $1500 - $4500.

If you would like to add a sash or train, you could add $80 - $150 to your bill.

Price is also dependent on the material you choose to use. All are beautiful in quality. Consult the website for more detail.

If you love the look, but not the price, fear not, I've found some really good deals on dresses of the same simple, yet classy look:

If you would like to see the "Monster In Law Wedding Dress" in "action" (you'll see what I mean), just watch the video below.

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