Snowflake Wedding Cakes

Snowflake Wedding Cakes are the perfect choice for a winter themed wedding or Christmas themed wedding.

When you plan a winter wedding, there are many pros, including big savings on your wedding reception site and catering since your wedding will be off-season.

And with the savings, you can splurge on more Winter Wedding Reception Decorations and Winter Wedding Flowers to make your winter wedding even more spectacular.

But, did you know, you can also match your wedding cake to your winter themed wedding?

When I think of winter wedding cakes, I think of frostiness and snowflakes, the colors of white and icy pale blues.

Snowflakes can be made of many things such as white chocolate, fondant, sugarpaste or even just pressed details into the cake itself.

Whether you choose you cakes to be a slab, tiered, or tiers on separate pedestals, elegant, casual or even something totally cute and whimsical, your cake can really be a fabulous centerpiece to your wedding reception!

You'll find some great ideas to apply to your own wedding cake, especially if you are planning to Make Your Own Wedding Cake (and save even more money on your wedding).

Here are some of the cakes I found on a great site called Cake Central.

Just click on the image and it will take you to the submission page so you can get all the details on how it was created.

Snowflake Wedding Cakes:

snowflake wedding cakes

Although, you would mostly associate winter wedding with white and cool, icy blues, this cake with its black fondant icing just makes those unique snowflakes really pop!

snowflake wedding cakes

A simply gorgeous three tiered snowflake wedding cake. Flavors were Red velvet cake with crusting cream cheese and marshmallow fondant.

Royal icing snowflakes dusted with edible glitter.

snowflake wedding cakes

A beautiful four tiered petal shaped snowflake cake in a delicate ice blue with various sized white, sparkly snowflakes swirled around the tiers.

Created by in Toronto

snowflake wedding cakes

A very simple, yet elegant snowflake wedding cake made chocolate cake flavor with fudge filling and covered in marshmallow fondant.

The snowflake was an ornament.

snowflake wedding cakes

A very elegant four tiered square wedding cake with snowflakes all buttercream except monogram, which is candy.

snowflake wedding cakes

This four tiered wedding cake is so pretty and sparkly with its silver accents and all those snowflakes. It just screams winter wonderland.

snowflake wedding cakes

Each layer of this fabulous four tiered snowflake wedding cake was a different flavor!

snowflake wedding cakes

A really nice, yet simple cake with turquoise ribbon and snowflakes. Everything was fondant/gumpaste with edible glitter.

snowflake wedding cakes

Another way to serve your guests cake at your wedding. These little mini cakes are too sweet, but watch out, they are also pricey.

snowflake wedding cakes

A really pretty cake! 6,8,10 &12" tiers covered in fondant with fondant accents and gumpaste snowflake.

snowflake wedding cakes

A beautiful example of a snowflake cake! 6 in, 8 in, 10 in and 12 in cakes with buttercream icing made to look like fondant. Gumpaste and marshmallow fondant snowflakes.

snowflake wedding cakes

Another really nice way to display tiered wedding cakes. These are covered in fondant with gumpaste accent snowflakes.

snowflake wedding cakes

A truly magnificent snowflake wedding cake! 6", 10" & 14" round cakes airbrushed with bright silver crystal colors and gumpaste snowflakes for topper and embellishments.

snowflake wedding cakes

Who says you have to stick with a traditional cake? Here is a great example of using cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream icing, sugar crystals and topped off with a white chocolate snowflake.

snowflake wedding cakes

A simple, yet elegant wedding cake with royal icing snowflakes sprinkled with sparkling sanding sugar. It has four tiers (6", 9" and 12") iced in Martha's Italian Meringue buttercream.

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