Wax Seal for wedding invitations

by Beth
(Longview, TX)

Whose initial do you put in the wax seal of a wedding invitation? The bride's current initial or her married one? Parents are paying for the wedding.


Usually wedding invitations are sent from the parents hosting the wedding, so I would have to say that if you are going to put your initials they would be yours prior to being married.

Just a word of warning, unless you are hand delivering your wedding invitations, I would advise against using wax seals.

Although I do LOVE the look and feel of wax seals, most modern day postal processing equipment are not favorable to protruding wax seals and I would be afraid that they would be ripped off (and therefore your invitations would be ripped as well).

If you have your heart set on wax seals, do a test run first sent to yourself to see how they fair first.

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