Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

Wedding arch reception decorations are very popular in weddings today as they can be used in so many ways.

They can serve as the focal point for the ceremony, the entrance to the reception and as a picturesque backdrop for pictures.

There are a few different ways you can approach the dilemma of finding wedding arches. You can purchase them pre-made, rent them or make them yourself. I will cover each of these sources here.

Purchasing Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

Firstly, you can check what's available in your area on Ebay for the best deals you can find. Just remember to check feedback and shipping charges prior to bidding and buying.

These are the deals available right now for wedding arch reception decorations:

But, if you don't see anything that appeals to you there, I'm going to send you to the best place to order your wedding arch reception

Here are just a few wedding arch reception decorations that I found on their site.

Seriously, I could go on and on, is the place to go for all your decorating needs. They have a arch for every kind of theme wedding you might be planning. Go visit them!

And if you are looking for columns, just check these out!

Renting Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

If you think you don't want the added expense of actually buying your own wedding arch reception decorations, why not rent it for the day.

Check your local yellow pages or even the internet for party rental places in your community to see what they carry.

You might even find that your florist might have an arch and other decorations that can be rented and returned for your special day.

Another great idea is to check with your event location, to see if they know of a reputable place that has provided them with wedding arch reception decorations and columns in the past.

Make sure you have a written contract in place, outlining the terms of the deal, when the decorations will be delivered or when they can be picked up, cost, date, and what decorations are included.

It is also a good thing to pay for the rental or rental deposit with a credit card to make sure that you are covered in case of fraud or the rental business closes prior to your wedding date, you will receive a refund (check with your credit card company for their policies).

A follow up phone call prior to the wedding to ensure all is okay and on schedule for the big day is a MUST DO.

Making Your Own Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

You can find an arch at your local craft supply shop, hardware store or garden center. When you do find one, you might start panicking as to what to do with it! Here are some simple ways to decorate your arch: DIY wedding arch reception decorations

  • Traditional Elegance - many wedding arch reception decorations already come pre-lit with mini lights, but if yours doesn't, this is a nice touch to start with.

    Begin your decorating by taking a long length of white tulle and draping it across the top of the arch and evenly down the sides, loosely wrapping the tulle around the arch to create a flowing effect.

    Choose silk flowers in your complementary wedding colors or just white from your local craft store. I would recommend large showy flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies, peonies, ivy and fern stems.

    Poke them into a Styrofoam saddle or dry floral foam until you are satisfied with the look.get a pattern and fullness that fits your needs and tastes.

    After you have the flowers arranged, it is a good idea to use a hot glue gun to glue the stems into the Styrofoam or the floral foam.

    Take some floral wire and push it through the middle of the foam and then wrap the loose wire ends to the top of the arch, thereby affixing the floral arrangement onto the arch.

    You can finish by wrapping a garland through the top of the arch and intertwining it with the tulle running down the sides of the arch.

  • The Autumn Arch - You can use the above but instead of silk flowers, go for dried flowers and grasses, apples, pumpkins, maple leaf garland. Place some nice potted mums at the base of each side for added color.
  • The Floral Arch - instead of just decorating the top of the arch, the whole arch is covered from top to toe with flowers. This type of arch is a good one to leave to a professional.
  • The Woodland Arch - Use the above traditional are but add more texture by implementing branches and grapevines (soak a grapevine wreath from your local craft store in water for a little while to make it easier to work with and bend/unravel).
  • The Beach Arch - You can use the traditional elegance arch, however, if you are actually using it on the beach, make sure that it is anchored securely in place (dug into the sand) to avoid Mother Nature from blowing it over. You can also incorporate large seashells and starfish from the apex.
  • The Tropical Arch - Another good idea for the beach wedding, it is usually made entirely out of palm tree fronds. Add in some flowers and perhaps some shells.
  • The Christmas Arch - Cover your arch with pine or fir branches and wrap twinkle lights if your arch doesn't come with them already.

    Sometimes, you can find pre-fab pine garlands with the lights already included. Add pine cones, bows, holly, mistletoe and perhaps some little wrapped gifts to hang off the branches or even some Christmas ornaments. How about hanging a large bunch of mistletoe from the top!

  • The Winter Wedding Arch - follow the Christmas arch decorations and perhaps add snowflakes and glitter for snow or perhaps some spray snow for effect.

There are many ways to dress up your wedding arch reception decorations, you just have to use your imagination and look around at your local craft store for supplies and ideas.

And don't forget to take some long romantic walks with your honey either in the woods or the beach to gather your supplies as well!

Here is a great video I found...

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