Wedding Reception Activities For Kids

Planning Wedding Reception Activities For Kids are a great way to keep not only the kids but all your guests at your wedding entertained.

Through my survey found on the Wedding Guest List page, more and more couples are inviting kids to their weddings.

My own personal opinion on this is "Yay for Kids!".

Being a parent myself, I can vouch for the fact that it can be hard and expensive to find a babysitter.

It is much easier to bring kids along, plus the fact that a wedding is celebrating the joining of two families and that means ALL members of the two families.

I have written this section specifically for those couples inviting kids to share in their special day.

It might be a great idea to set up some wedding reception activities specifically for them.

Kids Tables

One great way for kids to mingle and meet kids from the other side of the family is to have them sitting at tables separate from the adults/parents.

One thing I would advise, though, is to check with parents if they or their child would feel comfortable in this arrangement.

If their child is extremely shy, they might feel uncomfortable doing this. If that is the case, just sit them with their parents.

Very young children who need a great deal of help still when eating, could probably sit with parents (even on the lap) and eat with their parents (sharing).

Most, if not all, reception venues and caterers offer kid-friendly menu choices that will also be budget-friendly for you.

One of the best ways to keep kids entertained and involved in wedding reception activities and games as soon as they get to the reception, is to offer them plenty of (washable) writing materials such as pencil crayons and crayons and paper.

You could also visit the dollar store and arrange a "goody bag" at each place setting.

Make sure that each bag contains the EXACT SAME THING! Sorry for shouting, but do you seriously want fights over who got what.

Another great idea that the reception venue might like as well, is instead of using table linens, use huge pieces of paper that the kids could write on (very popular today in bars and restaurants, and keeps people busy while waiting for their dinner).

wedding reception activities children

Movie/Games Room

Perhaps during the more "boring for kids" times such as speeches, etc. you could have either a special place or room set up for the kids to go and either watch a movie or cartoons or play board games, or participate in some other wedding reception activities.

Be sure to have a parent or designated person staying with the kids to watch over them, then everyone will have a much better time during these moments.

Better yet, why not get them involved in making a craft such as a wedding hat that they can wear when they re-enter the reception like a parade!

If you really want to go all out for this time, why not hire a clown or magician or balloon creator person (?) to entertain them.

This person can then perform later on for all your guests at your reception as well.

Dance Floor Activities

One thing with kids is they usually enjoy the attention and performing wedding reception activities. This can be great when the dancing is starting and no one wants to get up on the dance floor.

Why not have a "kids only" dance with all the kids dancing and then they can be instructed to "fetch" their parents and grand-parents, aunts, uncles, etc. by the dj or the mc and get the whole dance floor filled that way.

wedding centerpiece with goldfish

Centerpieces and Decorations

Make sure that your centerpieces can be made kid-friendly. One way to do this is to encorporate goldfish in your centerpiece for your designated child's table.

Make sure that you have one for each child sitting at the table so that each child will take home a goldfish at the end of the night.

Make sure that you pick up some nets and transportation containers at the dollar store.

The only reason why I say to get enough goldfish for each child at the table is that if you only award the fish to one child, you will have a disappointed little group of people!

You can stil "give away" the centerpiece flowers and bowl to one child winner of the Wedding Reception Centerpiece Game that you choose to play.

If you use Wedding Reception Balloon Decorations you will surely win the hearts of every little person there.

Helium-filled balloons just are magic to kids, so why not give them away to all the kids attending your wedding at the end of the night.

This might just save you on the cost of "takedown" from your balloon wedding vendor.

I hope you can see that kids can be a really great thing at a wedding, an invaluable source of entertainment and a reassurance to parents.

There are a lot of different games you can play at your wedding reception. You can find some games to play at Printable Games AtoZ. They have great games you can immediately print for use. Check them out!

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