Wedding Reception Games Questions

Wedding Reception Games Questions are a great way to entertain your wedding guests.

Before starting any game, make sure that it is appropriate to play at your reception; you surely don't want to offend any of your guests or family.

If you are researching games for the bride and groom, be sure to plan the games out with them; nobody likes a surprise on their wedding day!
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Popping the Question

For this game, choose how many participants you would like to have participate in this game, just make sure that you have even numbers.

You could even choose two people from every guest table to make sure you get enough participation.

For each couple playing, you are going to need a simple trivia question about the bride or groom such as...

  • Where did the Bride and Groom first meet?
  • Where did the Bride and Groom go to school?
  • How many siblings do the Bride/Groom have?
  • Where is the Bride and Groom going on their honeymoon?
  • Where do the Bride and Groom work?

Write each of these questions down on a small piece of paper and then deposit each into a large balloon.

Partially blow up the balloon and tie it off (if you only partially blow up the balloon, it will harder to pop and definitely more entertaining!).

When it is time to play the game, give each couple a balloon with instructions that they must try to break the balloon without using their hands .

The first couple to break their balloon and answer their trivia question correctly win the game.

You can definitely decide to keep playing the game and have the rest of the couples keep trying to pop their balloons so that all trivia questions can be asked.

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