Wedding Reception Games to Play

Wedding Reception Games to Play at your wedding reception will certainly make your wedding much more memorable.

As always, use your discretion when choosing which games to play at your wedding reception and do make sure that the bride and groom are aware of what will be played and that they okay it beforehand.

Dance for a Dollar

This is a great way to not only get the guests at your wedding reception involved on the dance floor, but could also help out the pocketbook!

Have the dj or emcee announce that a special dance will start, called the "Dollar Dance".

Anyone wishing to take a turn on the dance floor with the bride or groom must pin a dollar (or any other form of currency) onto said bride and groom.

Have the Maid of Honor and Best Man available to hand out pins to guests who would like to participate.

They can also be the ones to unpin and collect the money at the end of the dance to put away in a safe place until after the wedding.

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Late for the Honeymoon

This one is always good for a laugh! There are a couple of ways to play this one. Here is the backstory the emcee or the dj will tell at the reception...

It is early the next morning and the newly married couple have overslept. They have two minutes to get dressed and leave for their honeymoon.

At this point, two suitcases filled with wild and unusual clothing such as a big bra, ties, scarves, sunglasses, wigs, apron, shorts, shirts, slippers, etc. are brought out.

Since it is very early in the morning and still dark, the couple will be blindfolded. Once the couple is securely blindfolded, the suitcases are opened and the timer starts.

See how well the bride and groom can dress themselves, blindfolded with items they don't really know what they are and in two minutes!

For a variation to this game, just have one suitcase and only one of the couple gets blindfolded (either bride or groom).

The blindfolded player must get their unblindfolded partner dressed with the items they find in the suitcase in the allotted time.

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