Wedding Reception Layout

Your Wedding Reception Layout will be one of the things you have to think about when planning your Wedding Reception.

There are a few elements that are going to be essential to any wedding reception.

They are the entrance, the gift table, the cake table, the dj/band area, the dance floor, and, of course, the head table.

You might also have have an optional buffet/cocktail area where you serve food and drinks.

Each wedding reception layout is going to be a little different because every reception hall is going to be differently shaped.

You might have to deal with some interesting room angles, columns, etc. as well as make sure that you won't block views of your guests with decor or interrupt the flow of traffic.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask the operator of the reception venue to see how previous couples have had their reception layout.

You also should be sure that there will be enough outlet plugs, etc. required for the band/dj.

Wedding Reception Layout - Entrance

A lot of people don't think about this area, but this is where you are going make your grand entrance so I think it deserves to have a little attention.

It might be a nice idea to drape some tulle or even a garland around the doorway to enhance your grand entrance into your wedding reception.

Or you might want to even looking into Wedding Arch Reception Decorations to provide not only a great entranceway into your wedding reception but also a great photo op for your guests.

Wedding Reception Layout - The Gift Table

The gift table is usually located fairly close to the entrance of your reception so that when your guests arrive they can quickly unload their gifts that they brought for you.

Be sure that you have someone attending to your gift table to make sure that no gifts walk away! It's very popular to use Card and Money Holders on your gift table so you can collect your cards in one place.

Wedding Reception Layout - The Cake Table

The cake table is usually set up either in front of the head table or somewhere very close to it on either side.

You want to make sure that it is in a place where all your guests will have a good view to watch you cut your cake and eat the first piece.

Whether you decorate it or not is up to you, but you can scatter some rose petals around your cake or even use your wedding bouquet to decorate.

Wedding Reception Layout - The DJ/Band Area

This area is usually set up next to the dance floor and usually within site of the head table.

As mentioned before, ask your dj or band what they require for set up and if they have played at your reception site before.

Wedding Reception Layout - The Dance Floor

The dance floor is usually the only thing that can't really be moved. Most wedding reception venues have a wooden dancefloor amid carpeted surroundings where the guest tables are set up.

It is usual for the guest tables to be surrounding the dance floor; that way they will have a clear view of your first dance together on the dance floor.

The Head Table

This is definitely going to be your focal point! You want to place your head table in a place where everyone of your guests will be able to see you.

It is usually located next to the dance floor and is very often on the opposite side from the band.

Buffet/Cocktail Area

This area is going to need a lot of room for guest traffic flow so be sure to put it in an area that will allow for it.

The best you can do here is to ask the reception venue what they recommend with regard to buffet/cocktail table set up as they will know the best area.

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