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Your wedding reception planner is the key to great wedding reception planning. Wedding reception planning requires equal parts creativity, planning, diplomacy, and nerve.

According to the Average Wedding Budget, the cost of your wedding reception depends greatly on your choice of venue, guest list, time of day/year and other things.

No matter which way you look at it, you're going to spend a lot of money on your wedding reception, so it only makes sense to follow a wedding reception planner.

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Now, you can find a Detailed Wedding Planning Checklist for planning your whole wedding, but here we will look at your wedding reception.

Admittedly, the whole ordeal can seem overwhelming at times. But I'm here to tell you: don't freak out.

You're in good hands, as long as you follow along with this wedding reception planner.

My mission is to:

  • demystify and simplify the details that go into planning a wedding reception,
  • to inspire you with wonderfully innovative ideas to personalize your wedding celebration,
  • to instill confidence in you to bring off a memorable ceremony and reception (no matter what your budget or wedding style), and
  • hopefully enable you to have some fun while doing it!

Key Areas To Concentrate On...

There are different components to your wedding reception:

bride and groom

Get Your Guy Involved...

Contrary to what some sexist ninnies think, both the bride and groom should be responsible for planning a wedding reception together.

After all, a wedding is a creation born out of the couple's love for one another and you have every right to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Whether that means a small intimate wedding of 50 special family and friends or a large gathering of 500 in a great hall, this website and wedding reception planner will help you through all the planning stages of your wedding reception planning.

And be sure to talk things out with your partner.

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Organization Is The Key...

Your wedding is going to be possibly the biggest function that you have ever planned and probably something you know very little about.

You must conduct your wedding reception planning as you would a business. Be very organized, and you will enjoy your time as much as your guests will your end product!

I have set up this website so that you can easily link from the Online Planning Checklist to where you will find the information for each item that you need to look into.

So why don't we get started and go to the Wedding Reception Planning Guide

Where to Go From Here:

  • The Wedding Reception Planning Guide - a great place to start when first thinking about your wedding. It covers blackout dates (if you don't know what these are, then you really have to check this out as they can totally affect your wedding!), and the implications of picking certain dates and times of the year to have your wedding and their affect on your pocketbook.
  • The Wedding Reception Checklist - goes over the basics of what you will need to do and when to get ready for your upcoming wedding.
  • The Wedding Planning Checklist - is a more detailed and printable checklist of what you will need to do and when to get ready for your upcoming wedding.
  • The Fast Wedding Planning Checklist - When you don't have the traditional six months or more to plan a wedding.
  • Wedding Reception Traditions - Wedding Reception Traditions are something that you can plan into your wedding or you can change them up. Click here to see the most frequently used Wedding Reception Traditions.
  • Wedding Planning 101 - read easy to follow articles and checklists to help in planning your wedding. Find all the information you are looking for in one spot, instead of endlessly searching the internet.

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