Wedding Reception Recipes

Having great Wedding Reception Recipes are essential when planning on catering a large event such as a wedding. But first, you have to decide if you are ready to take on the challenge of catering for such a large crowd.

I will give you a great source for them at the end of this post, but first read these caveats to make sure you know which wedding reception recipes to pick.

In order to cook as much food that is needed at a wedding reception, you must factor in not just the costs in money but also, the time involved.

You have to make sure that you are going to have enough people to help you and that they will have the skills and time available to help you.

wedding reception recipes

You also have to make sure that you all will be able to work well together. You know the old saying "too many cooks spoil the soup!".

If you can't find enough people to help or if you don't have a lot of skills in the kitchen, you really might want to consider hiring a caterer.

This might also be a good decision if your reception site does not have a kitchen or if you don't want the added stress.

Choosing Which Wedding Reception Recipes to Use

One thing you really have to consider is how the food will hold up if it has to be transported or if it has to be made ahead of time. Not all things freeze well.

It might be a very good idea to do practice runs and freeze then thaw and serve to see if flavour and texture has been compromised.

Even if it does freeze and thaw well, do you have enough freezer space to store it? Some food items just do not do well when cooked in large quantities ahead of time.

Rice and pasta fall into this category. A better idea would be to order party size trays of freshly cooked rice from a Chinese restaurant.

Avoid wedding reception recipes requiring grilling. It sounds like a nice idea but there usually is not enough grills or people grilling, the line of guests waiting for food starts to get longer.

The opportunity to rush is great and so is the chance that guests could get salmonella or E. coli.

Chocolate fountains, although very tasty, could end up getting very messy with chocolate on tablecloths or carpet. You could always pre-dip your fruit, etc. beforehand for your guests to enjoy.

As with the rice, try to see what you could pick up from a deli, etc. instead of doing everything from scratch yourself.

Options for Serving

If you choose to serve your reception meal, self-service buffet style, you usually will find that your guests will consume more food. Perhaps a better idea might be to have volunteer servers to control portions.

Also, the more variety in your buffet, the more your guests will take. Take these points into consideration when calculating how much food you will need.

When serving buffet style, it is also a good idea to rent warming pans, so that food will stay warm/hot from the first guest to the last.

If you decide to serve each table separately, always serve the least expensive dishes first, such as soup, salad, pasta before the main dish because it would be the most expensive.

Plan on having separate tables for desserts and drinks to help with the flow of traffic around the food buffet.

If you were lucking enough to have some of your guests volunteer to bring some food, make sure that they mark their pans, bowls, platters, etc. with their names so that it is much easier to return dishes at the end of the reception.

Food safety

Check with your local regulations. Usually private parties aren't regulated by the health department.

Make sure that you can plan ahead to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Make sure you have enough referigerator space for all the desserts and outlets for crockpots and roasters.

Be very careful when serving food outside. Protect food from the sun by serving under a canopy or shade. Try to keep cold food cold by placing serving dishes or bowls onto tubs or containers filled with ice. Bring leftovers home in coolers with ice packs or loose ice.

Wedding Reception Recipes Resources

If you have read through all of the above and still want to go ahead and check for recipes, I'm going to send you to Recipezaar.

They have the greatest number of recipes online and they are rated by others. One great thing they do provide is a way to change the recipe to serve more people.

That way you can try out the recipe beforehand for you and your honey and, if you like it, you can then change the serving size to 150 or for however many guests you are inviting to your wedding.

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