Wedding and Wedding Reception Planning!

Congratulations!!! Since you have found this wedding reception planning site, that can only mean one're engaged!!!

I know that right now, you are going through mega emotions, and I mean, MEGA.

Like when he slipped the ring on your finger and popped the question (maybe on one knee), you were on cloud nine/on a trip to the moon with visions of...

beach wedding wal

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but then it hits you...OMG, I have a wedding to plan! The butterflies start fluttering around your tummy, and you're feeling just so overwhelmed.

BUT WAIT, don't worry, that's what this online wedding planning guide is for.

Not only have I been down the aisle myself, but I've also helped plan weddings for other brides, so this website is my way to help you plan YOUR wedding.

You'll find tons of tips on how to succssfully plan your beautiful wedding day without losing your sanity (or friends and family) in the process.

By the way, we love to see and hear all about your Engagement Story, so come on and please do share!

Organization is a MUST when planning such a big event such as a wedding.

Start with a great set of Wedding Checklists so that you can keep on top of it all and you won't miss a detail!

One of the first things you have to do is figure out how much money you can afford to spend on your wedding...this is your Wedding Budget.

Follow the Wedding Budget Worksheet and Wedding Budget Tips to help you out.

Next on your list, you should think about and book both your Ceremony and Reception Wedding venue. can go the traditional route or totally untraditional, it's up to you!

Bridal Shows can help you plan your wedding lickety split. Check out my valuable Bridal Show Tips to get the most out of them.See if there is a Bridal Show Location happening near you!

Don't have enough time in your life to devote to planning your wedding? Think about hiring a Wedding Planner or Wedding Consultant.

You can even hire one the day of, just to make sure that everything goes smoothly!

Shopping for Wedding Supplies couldn't be easier nowadays with the internet.

Check out our section on Wedding Coupons for even more savings!

Need help with your Wedding Guest List? You'll find it here, along with Wedding Invitation Wording and Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Decide if you want a traditional wedding or a Theme Wedding?

Need help finding the perfect theme? Bet you'll find it here...

And don't forget to check out some great examples from our Real Weddings!

Add pizzazz to your wedding with some awesome Wedding Decorations such as Wedding Balloons, Wedding Arches, Paper Lanterns and more.

Don't forget about Church Decorations and Head Table Decorations as well!

Need help with your Wedding Flowers? You'll find it here!

Whether it is just to see which Seasonal Flowers you should use, or if you are brave enough to Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet, just click here...

Is your florist speaking a different language than you when it comes to the Flowers For Your Wedding?

This section will bring you up to speed as well as give you inexpensive options where you can buy your flowers yourself.

Something would be amiss if we didn't have a whole section devoted to gorgeous Wedding Dresses.

Also, be sure to check out our section on Wedding Dress Supplier Reviews.

Going with the traditional candied almonds or something a little more unique.

You won't believe all the Wedding Favors there are to choose from.

Are you going to go with Traditional Wedding Reception Food or something unique like a Finger Food Wedding Reception?

Whatever you choose, just make sure you have enough good food to feed the masses!

Add some LIFE to your wedding reception by getting your guests and wedding party to play some awesome Wedding Reception Games.

You'll find some great ways to get everyone involved.

You don't have to go with a Traditional Wedding Cake at your reception. There are plenty of unique choices out there for you.

Feeling brave? You can always Make Your Own Wedding Cake!

If you are thinking of making your own wedding cake, you definitely need the professional supplies from Wilton Wedding Cake Supplies...

Wedding Websites are a great way to keep your guests informed about your wedding and how your wedding reception planning is going!

Just how did the tradition of the Wedding Ring get started?

And, what exactly is a carat?

If you're shopping online for your wedding, you could also be saving online.

Be sure to check here for great money saving Wedding Coupons.

Wedding Music is an absolute must to keep your guests happy and entertained.Check here for Popular Wedding Playlists as well as fun Wedding Music Activities.

It's so convenient to shop online for your wedding reception planning, but be sure to check our Online Supplier Reviews prior to ordering.

You're planning a huge party with a huge investment of money, it makes only sense to spend a relatively few dollars on Wedding Insurance.

You could also be held liable for your wedding guests if they get hurt or cause damage at your wedding.

Is your cup running over? Do you have back cleavage when you try on your beautiful wedding dress?

You might want to check into Wedding Weight Loss.

Here is where you can see the Wedding Stories of couples that are going to tie the knot.

You can check out how their plans are progressing and what each is doing for their own special day.

These Wedding Surveys are geared to help couples with their wedding plans.

So why not participate: help and be helped, I always say.

Would you like to Apply to Blog?

We're looking for creative brides and grooms who have a flair for writing, a passion for fashion and are in the midst of their wedding and wedding reception planning.

My World of Weddings Newsletter will keep you in the know for what is hot or not in the world of weddings.

Each issue features articles, tips and tricks to help you with your wedding and reception planning.

Got a Wedding Question?

If you have any questions about wedding and wedding reception planning, that you don't quite see the answer to, just ask and we will answer.

As a special bonus, for signing up for the "World of Weddings" newsletter, you'll get my special ebook, "Don't Make These Wedding Mistakes!"

This ebook contains some of the most commonly made mistakes couples make during their wedding reception planning usually costing them either money or relationships.

Now, let's get wedding and wedding reception planning...


Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Don't worry...we'll get through it together. Just follow along through this website.

Technology is here to stay so why not make good use of it and get your wedding reception planning done online as much as you can (and save your feet).

This wedding reception planning website is constantly changing and adding new pages, so to stay on top of it, subscribe to my RSS feed. (see that orange button to the left below the nav buttons?)

It's my hope, that by the time you've finished reading through this wedding and wedding reception planning guide, you'll not only have a strong idea of what kind of wedding it is that you'd like, but you'll also have the know-how to create that wedding.


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