Wedding Dresses – How to Find the Perfect One

Wedding Dresses are the things that dreams are made of… sparkling beads, sequins and pearls along with lace, satin and silk.

Ahhh yes, that is what we have been sold on and taught from the time we are children.

Even the designers who make bridal gowns are very well aware of this.

Just take a look at all the bridal magazines, and you’ll see their ads with references to fairytale weddings and storybook bride.

So What Exactly Are You Buying?

Its a dress, but it’s a really expensive dress. The average wedding gown costs roughly about $800 in most stores, no matter where you live.

If you go for one of the premium designer gowns, you could be looking at paying between $1000 and $2000 dollars easily.

You might actually be disappointed in what you can receive in terms of quality for $800.

It seems that the bridal apparel industry feels justified in overcharging for dresses with synthetic fabric, shoddy construction with unfinished seams and no lining.

If you went into a dress store in the normal world, your $800 would find a dress made of fine fabrics like silk or satin and lace, quality construction with the lining and finish seams. Maybe some sequins and detailing, but not so in the wedding world.

The actual cost of the dress is just the beginning, there are many hidden costs as well such as undergarments, shoes, headpieces and veils and, jewelry.

And what if your perfect dress does not fit perfectly; alterations can cost as much as $75-$250.

Most of the bridal shops will require a 50% deposit on all special ordered dresses with the balance being due when the dress comes in.

Some discounters, both online and through mail order, require a full payment when you order. However, the discount (usually 20 to 40% off retail) may make this kind of transaction attractive.

When you do put down your deposit, be sure to use a credit card instead of cash and if you have a chance to use PayPal, do use it in order to protect your card information.

When you pay with your credit card you have some protection to receive a refund if the merchandise does not live up to what you expected.

Should the bridal shop go out of business prior to receiving your gown, you can contact the bank that issued your card, and you’ll most likely receive a full refund of your deposit (you should always check the rules with your issuing bank).

If you’ve already paid the bill, you still may be able to get a refund and should contact your card issuer for more information.

If the bridal shop only takes cash or checks, maybe look to purchase your dress somewhere else. This advice also applies to other deposits such as for your wedding cake, wedding flowers, photographer, etc..

Wedding Dresses – Where to Go From Here

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How to Find Dresses on a Budget – Top tips on how you can save money on your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Suppliers – Here you’ll find listing of top online dress suppliers with a special invitation out to readers to list their wedding dress supplier and if the experience was a good or bad one. Help someone else out if there is a great supplier to boast about or one to avoid.

Some of the Things to Watch out for While Shopping In Bridal Shops – They can be tricky…watch out for these games they will try to play.

Great Sources for Bridal Fabric or Trim – Check out these sources if you are interested in have a dress sewn for you.

The Vintage Style Dress – With a vintage style wedding dress you get tons of style at an amazing price.

The Great Dress Sample Sale – This is a place where you can find a great dress at a fantastic price but you have watch out for some things as well.

Looking for a Larger Sized Dress? – If you are looking for a size larger than 14 and getting a little teed off because of the sharp rise in price for a little extra material, then you have to check here for an amazing source of affordable dresses. Not only that but I also give you a great source for narrower, wider, or larger wedding shoes. Check it out!

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Mature Dresses – Mature Wedding Dresses are a popular choice for those going down the aisle a second time or later on in life. Click here to find great sources for finding mature dresses.

Dress Alteration – Chances are that you are going to some Wedding Dress Alteration. Click here to find some common alterations, how much it can cost and other tips to avoid being gouged.

The Monster In Law Dress – this dress from the 2005 movie is a real favorite with brides looking for that perfect dress.

Lace Wedding Gowns – Wearing a dress made with either a little or a lot of lace can be quite elegant.

Dress Fabrics – There are many different fabrics that can be used for a wedding dress. Click here to see the different types and when to use which one.

Unique Dresses – When a traditional white or off-white dress just doesn’t fit your personality, you should take a look at these unique wedding dresses.

The Medieval Dress – The Medieval Dress is a much sought after uniquely-styled dress. It is the perfect dress to wear especially if you are planning a medieval themed wedding.

Cheap Medieval Dresses – There are ways to find medieval dresses when you are on a budget. Check here for sources to save money on your medieval theme dress.

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Dresses for Men – When looking for Dresses For Men, you must look at some important information in order to find the perfect dress that will fit properly.

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Bustle Your Dress – Bustling your dress is necessary to take that beautiful, dramatic and long train so that it will be practical at your reception.

Wedding Guest Dress – Wedding Guest Dress can be equally as important as wedding party dress. Whether you are going to a wedding and need to know how to dress or if you are a couple wanting to tell your guests how to dress, click here for the best Wedding Guest Dress.

1920s Dress – The beautiful 1920s dress could be the perfect choice for your vintage wedding.

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Camo Dresses – Camo Dresses offer brides a unique twist on the traditional wedding gown. Click here sources where to find your perfect Camo Dresses.

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Short Bridal Dresses – Short Bridal Dresses are fun and flirty and totally fab for a fun and flirty wedding.

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