Wedding Reception Games For You to Play

Wedding reception games can really make your event even more memorable. It’s easy enough to forget all the standard weddings you have ever attended.

Although adding games to your wedding reception might add some “life” to your event, you should know that a wedding is sometimes a very sensitive time and you should use common sense and evaluate the appropriateness of games and pranks to your own individual wedding.

Hopefully these games and activities would be viewed as fun by both players and spectators, however, each person’s version of what is fun and funny is different.

Wedding Reception Games have been a popular tradition around the world and are often used as ice breakers and ways to get both sides of the families to mingle and meet. They are also a way to get guests involved who don’t/can’t/won’t dance.

These games and pranks are a way to celebrate the newly wed couple and often follow them into the newlywed suite as well!

A lot of present traditional wedding reception games such as the garter throw, actually started from old customs. In medieval times, it was traditional to tear off a piece of the bride’s dress as a symbol of good luck.

It is said that the bride would throw her garter to save her dress from being torn.

The bride and groom should discuss with the rest of the bridal party which wedding reception games and pranks would be appropriate to play.

The bridal party are going to be the main support to these games. Their duties may include being the hosts/referees as well as potential competitors in the games themselves in case there is not enough wedding guests wanting to compete.

Try to allow about 15 minutes or less for set up and completion of each game.

Do be careful with games that are messy which could stain or otherwise mess clothing, hair, makeup. I’ve never liked it when couples mush wedding cake in each others face, but some people think that it is hilarious.

To encourage participation and give your guests added incentive, you might want to award prizes or small gifts to the winners or participants of each contest.

Just remember that total group involvement is highly unlikely and shouldn’t be expected.

Don’t force your guests to play! Some of these games are just as enjoyable when viewed as a spectator.

Games are also a great way to pass the time when people are waiting, such as the line up for the buffet table, or for distributing items such as the table centerpiece, where the winner takes all.

Whether you are having a large or small wedding, these reception games, I think you will find, will work for just about any size of group.

Wedding Reception Games are meant to be upbeat and they should be played with that in mind so that your guests will leave your wedding reception with happy memories and maybe even some new friends!

So, now let’s see what kind of games you can play!

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So, as you can see there are a lot of different games you can play at your wedding reception.

There is a great website you should check out that has wedding/bridal shower games that you can print immediately right at home including bingo, etc.

You can check them out at Printable Games AtoZ.

If you don’t believe that your guests will enjoy something out of the ordinary, just take a look at this video of a not so usual father/daughter dance at a wedding and watch the reaction they get…