How to Choose Your Diamond Wedding Rings

There is a lot to consider when purchasing your diamond wedding rings.

The actual tradition of presenting a woman with a diamond engagement ring when proposing marriage began back in 1477, when Mary of Burgundy was presented with a diamond ring from Archduke Maximilian.

The tradition continues on until this day that, in most cases, the woman you plan to propose to will expect a ring to accompany that proposal! Diamond wedding rings remain the most popular choice even today.

The diamond is said to be the hallmark of high-class jewelry. Its radiant luster, timeless durability, and elegant presence have mesmerized admirers for centuries.

It is a testament to love and commitment. Its durability ensures a lifetime of performance, while its vibrancy provides an expression of a romance that will never dim.

The question is…where to start when looking at purchasing your diamond engagement ring and your diamond wedding rings.

How Much Can You Afford?

One of the first things you should determine is how much ring you can afford. There seems to be an unwritten “rule” that states the ring should cost the equivalent of about two months of your current salary.

Because you do have other bills to pay, saving up this amount of money may take quite a bit of time. You could also consider a financing option.

Check with your jeweler to see what kind of payment plans they offer or if your local bank would issue a line of credit.

Although, these are options you could go with, I do think that it is best to take the time to save. You will also need the additional finances to pay for the upcoming wedding as well!

With knowing how much ring you can afford, you may now try to get information out of your girlfriend about the kind of ring she likes. There are many questions to ask with regard to shape, setting, color, etc.

In order to be a little sneaky about it ask her mom, sister or best friend to go shopping with her and see which styles of ring she hones in on.

Whatever ring you do end up choosing, just make sure that you know the store’s policy about returns and exchanges should it turn out that your girlfriend is not happy with it.

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