Post Wedding Reception Wording

The proper Post Wedding Reception Wording is important to use when inviting some guests only to the reception after the wedding.

There are actually a few different reasons why a couple might invite guests only to a reception after the wedding.

Perhaps the actual wedding date did not fit into important family and friends schedules, the ceremony venue was too small to accommodate all guess, or the wedding ceremony had to be moved up in time due to circumstances such as an unplanned pregnancy work or a call to military duty or work.

Perhaps the weather played foul the day of the wedding and so the couple plan a backup wedding reception.

post wedding reception wording

Post wedding reception wording etiquette also could be due to personal or religious reasons, that the couple only wants or only can have a few guess at the wedding ceremony, however, the wish to invite many more guests to the wedding reception afterward.

Post wedding reception when wording could also be used when the couple chooses to elope and then plan a wedding reception later on when they return.

Couples planning a destination wedding should realise that not all guests that they would like to have the wedding will be able to attend their destination wedding ceremony.

In this case, guests whom were not able to attend the destination wedding, would be invited to a wedding reception celebrating the marriage in the home country.

Post Wedding Reception Wording Etiquette

Even sending out invitations to post wedding receptions should follow a certain etiquette. They should follow the basic rules of wedding invitations and should include the following information:

  • the reason for the event
  • the address of where the reception is taking place
  • the date and time of the reception
  • who is hosting the post wedding reception
  • any special instructions for the guests if they are required to bring certain items or if they should dress in a certain way as in the case of the theme wedding
  • RSVP instructions, whether they be a written reply or just a phone call

Depending on how you want your invitations to be; either casual or formal, your dates and times could be all written out or they could be written as normal. Please see Wedding Invitation Wording for more help on how the invitations should be worded/written.

Weddding Invitation Etiquette Rules should be followed when addressing and mailing your post wedding reception wording invitations.

If you are going with a formal invitation to a post wedding reception and therefore need formal post wedding reception wording, then please see Formal Wedding Reception Wording.

There are some really nice casual ways to invite your guests to a post wedding reception:

On (date of wedding) at (place of wedding)
(groom's name) and (bride's name) became one heart.
Their love filled the house of worship like no others could.

Please join in celebrating their new start
By attending a dinner in their honor
At (place of reception)
On (date of reception)
At (time of reception)

They got their feet wet and played in the sand
And oh yes, they joined their hands!
(groom's name) and (bride's name) were wed (date of wedding) on (place where wed)

In celebration of their marriage
On (date of reception) at (time of reception)
Please join us by attending dinner at
(place of reception)

With a turn of the key and a flip of their hair,
(bride's name) and (groom's name) threw caution in the air!

Please join them in celebrating their (date of wedding) elopement
By attending a dinner in their honor on
(date of reception) at (time of reception)
At (the location of the reception).

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